Tiga Raja Collective

As anyone who has searched for great Sumatran coffee will know, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince! We’d been seduced at the cupping table with glimpses of the enigmatic brilliance that is sometimes found in Sumatran coffee. This staggeringly complex origin sits as a Pidgeon pair with Ethiopia as the true outliers in the world of coffee. In the best Five Senses tradition, the Tiga Raja Collective was born out of relationships with like-minded people, in the pursuit of great coffee with a social conscience. 

We had the good fortune to meet Lisa and Leo (of Lisa and Leo’s Organic) who had been frustrated with their attempts to get traction with their coffee projects in Sumatra. As soon as we met them we knew we’d met comrades in the quest for great coffee! Lisa and Leo had a pre-existing relationship with a local credit union (CUM talenta) who represented thousands of coffee farmers in the Simalungun region. It wasn’t long before the idea was hatched to cobble together our dream team into the Tiga Raja Collective.

As the senior partner Five Senses stumped up the funds to build a mill capable of producing the kind of coffee we had dreamed off, with Lisa and Leo at the helm and the Cum Talenta group creating our parchment supply network. Can the pursuit of great coffee change people’s lives…we’re about to find out!!